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Book A Course Creator Academy Clarity Call:

On the call, Jason will help you gain clarity by discovering how to maximize your impact, income, and freedom through online coaching and courses. Jason will also help you determine if we might be a good fit to work together in our Course Creator Academy. The Course Creator Academy is a results-focused online coaching and course program for high potential, motivated, and resourceful healthcare professionals who are passionate about having an impact and scaling their income by creating transformational online course and coaching businesses. This is not a sales call. This is a discovery call to help you gain clarity and help us determine if we can help you. Jason believes in helping students achieve life-changing results, and as such, not everyone is accepted to be a part of this program. Jason only accepts applicants for whom he is confident he can get serious results. These applicants typically possess the required traits to not only keep pushing through challenges, but also have what it takes to achieve exceptional results with guidance, coaching, and extra support from Jason and his team. This journey is not “easy,” but the payoff is tremendous. With help from someone who has done it more than once and someone like Jason who can layout the road map for you, the chance of you succeeding, faster, if you put in the work, is 100 fold higher.

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