I'm Coach Jason

I help healthcare professionals achieve their business goals with personalized 1 on 1 coaching.

Are you a passionate healthcare entrepreneur ready to scale your business to 7-figures?

I have built and scaled two 7-figure businesses and recently launched a third. I know what it takes and I can help shortcut your path to scaling a multi-7-figure business.

Personalized Coaching

Every entrepreneur's journey is different. All of my coaching clients receive personalized 1-on-1 coaching. With live access to me whenever it is most convenient for you.

Limited Enrollments Every Month

In order to provide the highest quality program, I am limited to only accepting 2 clients a month. Those enrolled have the option to continue on a monthly reoccurring basis to avoid returning to the bottom of the waitlist.

Individualized Approach

This isn't a cookie-cutter coaching program. I have eliminated all the BS by diving right into your business to help you pin-point growth opportunities and execute on a plan.

Jason's Story

JASON DUPRAT MBA, MSA, APRN, CRNA, is a nurse anesthetist and former naval officer turned serial entrepreneur who has a formative background in online healthcare education, private practice startups, business technology, operations, and marketing. He is the Founder of the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy, the Founder of the Ketamine Academy, and the Co-founder of the IV Therapy Academy.

Duprat is the creator and host of the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy Podcast, a podcast devoted to inspiring, motivating, and educating healthcare professionals on their quest to become successful healthcare business owners. On his show, he has hosted over 278 episodes, including over 140 guest interviews.

- Trained 3,000+ Students that have opened 200+ Practices around the country

- 140+ Interviews with other Healthcare Entrepreneurs, Innovators, and Leaders

- Helped coach a student with the launch of her 1099 Success Academy and provided guidance as she grew it to over $850,000 in revenue. She started from 0, no list, no training program, no online business experience.

- Has invested over $150k on his business education by investing in courses and training programs from some of the most successful marketers and business coaches that exist

- Advisory Board Member at the University of Central Florida College of Nursing. Here Jason provide strategic guidance to one of US News & World Report's top Ranked Nursing Programs.

- Volunteer – Live stream coordinated for his local Church

Jason Duprat Delivers REsults.

Investment REQUIRED:

For your investment of $5,000 per month, you will get exclusive access to a coach who is obsessed with helping clients get results and scaling their businesses.

A coach that has guided hundreds of other healthcare entrepreneurs and a coach who is in the trenches every day, learning, implementing, analyzing, and improving businesses.

The cost of figuring out how to scale on your own can be tremendous. Don't waste any more time or continue to suffer from lost income that you know you could be making. With 7-years of entrepreneurial experience, Jason provides the guidance you have been looking for.

Claim your spot on the waitlist to apply now.

NOTE: Jason only works closely with positive and highly motivated individuals, therefore an application and interview are required.

$5,ooo Coaching Program Includes:

  • 4 Hours of One on One Zoom Meetings
  •   Zoom Recordings for Life
  • 8 Voxer Question & Answers a Month 
  • A Coach that is invested in helping you reach your vision and holds you accountable for taking daily action
  • Personalized Results-Focused Guidance

Trusted by:

SONIA SLABA, dnap, crna

Jason Duprat has one of the best resources for us. 

He has been very supportive and has answered many questions I have asked him. He has helped our clinic and I personally in advocating for us!

He’s willing to share his experience with anyone.
Thank you Jason!!!