#64: Tactical Tuesday: Overcoming Internet Challenges to Run a Successful Online Business


Jason A. Duprat, Entrepreneur, Healthcare Practitioner and Host of the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy Podcast talks about his experience of overcoming a slow internet connection in his new, rural-based home office. Find out how Jason was able to go from leasing a costly office space about 35 minutes away to saving money and maximizing his workday with the help of Speedify.


Episode Highlights:

  • Jason recently moved from Jacksonville, Florida to a more rural country town called Osteen, Florida.

  • Jason had to troubleshoot a slow internet connection in his new home office and did so by leasing office space a half-hour from home.

  • While making the repeated commute to the office space, Jason quickly realized the drive was taking too much time out of his normal workday and the lease wasn’t cost-effective.

  • In an effort to source a solution for high speed in his home office, Jason did some research and discovered Speedify.

  • Speedify aggregates multiple internet sources. By running a second landline to the home office above the garage and bonding four internet connections, he was able to achieve fast internet connections, save money and maximize his workday.

  • Speedify is an option for enhancing internet speed for rural-based home offices or for people traveling as well.


3 Key Points:

  1. Jason’s temporary fix for slow internet was commuting about 35 minutes to and from a leased office space with better internet connections in Lake Mary, Florida.

  2. Jason sourced an alternative solution. Speedify software is a fast internet solution that aggregates and bonds multiple internet sources.

  3. Along with Speedify, Jason installed two hardline connections, bought multiple Wi-Fi adapters, created hotspots with his personal and business cellphones, and had an Ethernet plugged into his computer.


Tweetable Quotes:

  • “What comes along with living in a more rural area is the internet connection is terrible when you’re trying to do online business – anything video or audio, or anything that’s download-heavy or upload-heavy.” – Jason Duprat

  • “We had to pay $25 an hour or $125 a day to lease office space for podcasts and anything where I was going to be doing a lot of uploads or downloads.” – Jason Duprat

  • “We’re getting about 42 megabytes-per-second downloads and I think about 4.4 megabytes-per-second uploads. I’m pretty sure with the second landline, this should give us the speed we need.” – Jason Duprat


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