#68: Tactical Tuesday: The Foundation for Abundance


Jason A. Duprat, Entrepreneur, Healthcare Practitioner and Host of the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy Podcast discusses his recent Christmas travel to Romania to visit his wife’s family. Jason learned the value of acknowledging the good in our lives and what it means to have a foundation for abundance. He also talks about honoring gratefulness to create a positive mindset for the new year.  


Episode Highlights:   

  • Jason shares his personal experiences traveling to Romania for three weeks and how his observations gave him a new appreciation for acknowledging the good in our lives.   

  • He shares a few of his family’s Christmas traditions, including butchering and cooking your own pig.   

  • Jason highlights how a geographical location and culture can guide your life’s circumstances and outcomes. He reminds us of the bounty we have living in the US.   

  • One geographical example he provides is having running water in your home, stating we should remember the world is full of people born in less fortunate parts of the world.   

  • Jason returned home with a deeper sense of gratitude for the abundance in his life.   

  • He advises us to step back from our business and our life and think about what we’re grateful for.   

  • Jason invites us to honor gratefulness in order to create a positive mindset for the new year.   

3 Key Points:   

  1. Traveling outside of the US has provided Jason with more gratitude for what’s available at home.   

  2. In business, we can often get carried away with wanting more and only focusing on things that are going wrong.   

  3. If your mind is concentrating on being thankful for what you have, your thoughts are much less likely to get sucked into the realm of negativity.    

Tweetable Quotes:   

  • “If you haven’t been out of the US, recently or at all, and you start to travel, you will see  various parts of the world are not all that great. Some people live rough lives.” – Jason A. Duprat   

  • “We’re really blessed to be in this country, the United States of America. The best country in the world. We have an abundance of literally everything and we take it for granted.” – Jason A. Duprat   

  • “Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.” – Jason A. Duprat   

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