Bonus Episode Compilation: Key Tips & Advice from Season 1Bonus Episode Compilation: Key Tips & Advice from Season 1


Jason A. Duprat, Entrepreneur, Healthcare Practitioner and Host of the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy shares this bonus episode featuring his most popular guests from season 1 and their key tips and advice for healthcare entrepreneurs. 



  • Dr. James Neilson-Watt, #25: A Master Class: How to Leverage Business & Marketing Principles
  • Dr. Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio: #1: From RN with Two Jobs to Serial Entrepreneur & Inventor
  • Mike MacKinnon: #19: Finding Entrepreneurial Success through CRNA Training & Small Practice Ownership
  • Jason Duprat: #16: Tactical Tuesday: Leveraging your Healthcare Education to Create a Side Hustle
  • Keith Carlson: #15: Developing a Career Vision through Holistic Career Coaching
  • Nikki Herzog: #27: Taking a Dive into the Ketamine Clinic Business Model
  • Tracy Young: #7: Becoming a Power Player in the Business of Anesthesia 
  • Gene Guarino: #13: How Investing in Real Estate & Assisted Living Delivered Sweet Success
  • Matt Botkin: #17: Achieve Success with a Solid Financial Foundation
  • Dr. Jason Hammond: #9: Lessons from an Ortho Surgeon & CEO: Embrace your Uncomfort Zone
  • Catie Harris: #43: Find your Niche & Build a Successful Business Model
  • Dr. Camille Hammond: #21: When you See a Roadblock, Seek a New Path & Keep Moving Forward
  • Brandon Smith: #23: How to Launch & Grow your Business Using Multiple Revenue Streams
  • Kathy Hodge-Kramer: 71: Building an Aesthetic Business through Cross Referrals
  • Dr. Stephen Cabral: #41: How to Build an Integrative Health Practice 
  • Monique Doughty: #39: Design the Business & Life you Love
  • Loe Hornbuckle: #59: Investing in Boutique Assisted Living & Memory Care
  • Bob Mangat: #5: From $150k to $50 Million: The Business of Marketing your Business
  • Dr. Bonnie Clipper: #47: Disrupting Healthcare through Transformation & Innovation
  • Justin Goodbread: #31: How to Exponentially Increase your Net Worth

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