#193: Chase DiMarco: Bridging a Resource Gap in Clinical Education


Jason A. Duprat, Entrepreneur, Healthcare Practitioner and host of the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy podcast talks with Chase DiMarco, founder and lead educator at FreeMedEd, CEO of FindARotation, and co-author of “Read This Before Medical School.” Chase shares his experiences creating a medical resource website to help students with their education. He also discusses how and why he got into podcasting and the goal of his web app, FindARotation.   



  • Chase double majored in psychology and medicine before going to a Caribbean medical school where he started FreeMedEd, an online resource provider.
  • Initially, FreeMedEd housed YouTube videos, playlists, and quizzes for students to use to help round out their medical school education. Now, the site contains podcasts, books, and online courses. 
  • Jason and Chase discuss options for people who might be interested in going to a Caribbean medical school.
  • Impostor syndrome can occur when you're creating your own online course. Double-check every bit of information you're sharing.
  • You don't have to do everything yourself. You can outsource or hire freelancers via Fiverr or Upwork. 
  • Chase hosts two podcasts and is currently working on a third show.  
  • ‘Medical Mnemonist' was launched to help students with their board exams. The show features medical mnemonist champions and trainers to help students increase their memory and formulate efficient study skills. 
  • ‘Rounds to Residency' targets medical students who need to do medical rounds. The podcast helps them navigate rotations. 
  • Chase's third podcast, which hasn't been released yet, will showcase global perspectives on science, medicine, and healthcare with skilled researchers and scientists.
  • Chase's podcasts started as a labor of love and are now his primary tool for networking. 
  • FindARotation is a crowdsourced clinical rotations platform currently in its beta stage. The goal of the app is to be an untapped resource for clinical instructors and students searching to book clinical sites. 
  • When it comes to app development, do your due diligence. Apps require a great deal of research and development – for Chase, it was two years. You need to consider design, legalities and leave room for trial and error. 
  • Listening and reading can only get you so far. Go out, make mistakes, and then learn from them.



  1. In general, medical schools are self-regulated. Utilize resources available on the internet and find the right mentor to supplement class lectures.
  2. Plan out your online course first or find a template. If you want to design the webpage yourself, there are several cost-effective website builders you can use. 
  3. When working with an app developer, do your due diligence, get a separate graphic designer and keep your expectations low.



“The more you know, the more you think you don't know.” – Chase DiMarco

“Don't interview. Audition.” – Chase DiMarco


FreeMedEd website: https://freemeded.org/

FindARotation website: https://findarotation.com/

Read This Before Medical School by Chase DiMarco, Greg Rodden, and Theodore X. O'Connell

AppSumo Software website: https://appsumo.com/

Atomic Habits by James Clear

80/20 Marketing and Sales by Perry Marshall

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown


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