How To Start An IV Nutrition Business This Week

You've made the decision you've had it with your current healthcare job.  You want to do something different.  Working at another hospital isn't the answer because that'll lead to more of the same.  Working at someone else's clinic isn't appealing either.  You're tired of being at the mercy of someone else.  You've always wanted to start your own business but have been afraid of  not working and losing a bunch of money.

That's understandable, a lot of businesses require some high startup costs.  Revenues and margins on a lot of businesses are not that great, so it can take years to recoup your investment. It's even worse if that business you're starting is an insurance-based clinic.  I don't recommend that. You're at the mercy of another company deciding if you're worth being paid and how much they think you should get.  No thanks.

I recommend starting an IV Nutrition Clinic as your first adventure into healthcare entrepreneurship. It's possible to start an IV Nutrition business relatively quickly and be generating revenue faster than you think! 

Three main reasons:

1. Low startup costs.  You don't even need an office to get started (more on that later).

2. Low cost of materials.  Some saline, the IV bags, and the components you'll be using.  You can start with only one or two of those as well or even start with only injections (keep reading to find out how).

3. The hours are flexible.  You can start by working around your current work schedule. You don't have to take the risk of going all-in at once if you're looking to test the waters. This is great for a first-time entrepreneur.

What's so great about IV Nutrition?

Before we get into the how part of it, let's go over what makes IV Nutrition so great and why people are paying good money for IVs.  Simply put, it's helping people live healthier lives more holistically.  

At the time of this writing, COVID-19 is still going on. Emerging medical information shows that those who were unhealthy, to begin with, are usually fair much worse than healthy individuals.   Other trends are making people more health-conscious, as well. The $124 billion vitamins and supplement industry is expected to almost double by 2026. This number is expected to climb as more and more people realize they need to take better care of their health. The problem is that most vitamins and supplements aren't that efficient (low and slow absorption rate) and people need better alternatives. That is why IV Nutrition is the answer!

What IV Nutrition Clinics have over supplement companies is that their products (the vitamins and minerals used) are held to much higher quality standards, and because they're administered through an IV, the body absorbs a far more significant amount.  This means the patient is getting more of a better quality product.

Learn How To Have A Profitable IV Nutrition Business In One Weekend 

If I were going to do things all over again, this is where I would start.  Let me be clear, this is not going to show you how to have a full-fledged clinic in a week. That's not possible, but that's not the point either.  The point is to show you how to make your own money, so you don't have to rely on someone else.  It does require a bit of hustle and some hard work.  But very few things in life are as satisfying as making your first sale in your own business.  This is the perfect way to test out if becoming a healthcare entrepreneur is something you want to do without risking a bunch of money.

First, you need to get the legal side of things in order like making sure you can prescribe in your state and setting up your business entity.  This is a conversation to have with a lawyer and is beyond the scope of this article.  It shouldn't take too long if you do research on your own first, like checking your state's nurse practice act.

Once that's finished, do a Google search for all the group fitness gyms, think Crossfit, in your area.  People who are willing to pay $100/month or more for a fitness membership likely are very health conscious. They also have extra money to spend on their health.  Reach out to each gym, let them know you're a healthcare professional in the beginning stages of opening up an IV Nutrition clinic.  Explain what IV Nutrition is and the benefits of higher-quality nutrition (the vitamins, minerals, etc. in the IVs) plus the better absorption of each dose.  Tell them you're trying to gauge interest in the area and wonder if their members would be interested in something like this. Then ask them if they'd be open to letting you come in on a Saturday to offer some B12 injections.

Depending on the owner, they may let you come in and do it as an added benefit for their members.  Other owners might ask you for a flat fee or a percentage of what you make that day.  I would recommend offering a percentage of what you make.  This incentivizes the owner to do some of the selling for you.  If it's a flat fee, ask if you can have it waived if no one gets an injection.  Before agreeing to anything, make sure what they're asking for makes sense to you and allows you to make money.

B12 injections are a great choice because they're quick and easy to administer since they're a shot and not a full IV Drip, which means you'll be able to quickly move through patients.  Plus, they will feel a noticeable boost in energy and mood right away.  B12 is also popular in the fitness community, so they should already have an idea of what you're talking about.  Charge $20 per injection, to make it an easy yes for most people.  That will also leave you with a decent profit.  If you were feeling ambitious, you could also come in with a full recovery offer that includes amino acids, full b-complex, and saline and charge more for that (maybe around $100-150).  Not as many people would take you up on that, but you might get a few sales.

Offer the owner a free injection beforehand so they can feel the benefits themselves.  This would also help them buy into the idea more and get them talking about it leading up to the day you come in. Make sure (s)he tells their members about you being there and what you'll be doing.  This gives people a chance to do their own research beforehand.  Or reach out to you if they have questions.  Make sure to leave a way for them to contact you.  If possible, leave a signup sheet with the owner so you can get an idea of how many people want an injection.

Order the Nutritionals and supplies you need and bring enough for 75% of the people at the gym on Saturday.  This helps create some real scarcity and creates more demand.  First come, first served.  You now have a reason to go back another weekend and next time you can get people to pre-pay.

Show up before the workout, so you have a chance to talk to people a little more about IV Nutrition in general and build some rapport.  You can even start taking down names to get an order of who goes first.  Then spend the workout getting all your stuff set up and ready.   Once they're done, start giving injections.

Now your mileage may vary.  It depends on how well you can talk about IV Nutrition and relate the benefits to the owner and their members.  You might have to call several gyms before someone says yes. You might have to try this a few times before getting anyone to give you money.  You could also walk away with a few hundred to a thousand dollars the first time you do this.

If you're struggling in the beginning, that's ok, business isn't always easy.  The upside here is that you haven't spent any money yet (or very little). You're not locked into some long term lease or worrying about having to pay someone's salary.

If you see success early, that's great!  You can keep this up for as long as you want and make a little side income to help pay off student loans, mortgage, or an extra vacation.  You could put those profits into expanding your IV Nutrition business.  You could run a mobile clinic that goes to people's houses after a bachelor/bachelorette party or wedding.  You could find other complementary businesses to offer your services for a yoga studio.  You could decide to open a full-fledged clinic.

If you decide to take things to the next level, there's another massive benefit of IV Nutrition clinics.  You don't have to be there.  In most states, an RN can administer the IVs and injections, meaning you can delegate most of the work.  Now you've created a more passive income stream.  Something that can make money without your direct input.  

Take Action

It's pretty simple to start making money with IV Nutrition but don't confuse that for being easy.  You still need to make sure you're well versed in administering IVs and Nutritionals and what your local laws are for your license.  But those are things you can learn.

What would stop you from getting started?  Not being willing to take a risk.  While the above scenario is a great way to minimize the risk of losing money, all business has some inherent risk.  You need to be able to accept that if you want to start.

Your license type may add additional complexity depending on your state, but all you'd have to do is find a provider then. There's a good chance you know someone who would be interested in trying this with you.

Other than that, anyone who's willing to put in a little work can start an IV nutrition business.  If all of this sounds great, but you don't know a lot about IV Nutrition yet or would like some extra help with getting a business started….

We'd like to invite you to a free masterclass we've put together on how to start your own successful IV Nutrition Clinic.

On the training, we'll be going more in-depth on what we've discussed so far plus we're going to give you a free 14 day trial of the IV Therapy Academy.  It's the only course approved for continuing education on how to start an IV Nutrition Business.

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