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Featured On

The Healthcare Entrepreneur Podcast

With over 276 episodes and counting, Jason Duprat interviews healthcare and business experts who share their business journey and insight into their playbooks for success. Jason also shares his ups & downs and lessons learned in his Tactical Tuesday episodes. 

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About Jason Duprat

JASON DUPRAT MBA, MSA, APRN, CRNA, is a nurse anesthetist and former naval officer turned serial entrepreneur who has a formative background in online healthcare education, private practice startups, business technology, operations, and marketing. He is the Founder of the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy, the Founder of the Ketamine Academy, and the Co-founder of the IV Therapy Academy.

Duprat is the creator and host of the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy Podcast, a podcast devoted to inspiring, motivating, and educating healthcare professionals on their quest to become successful healthcare business owners. On his show, he has hosted over 276 episodes, including over 130 guest interviews.

Notable Media Features

Authority Magazine: Minimizing Medical Burnout: Jason Duprat Of Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy On How Hospitals and Medical Practices Are Helping To Reduce Physician and Healthcare Worker Burnout. An Interview With Dan Rodrigues, Aug. 2022.

Digital Journal: Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy Launches Their Newest Business Course Aesthetics Success Academy. By GetNews Published, July 2022.

Digital Journal: Jason A. Duprat Selected For Bunker Labs – Virtual Veterans in Residence Program For Their 2022 Cohort. By GetNews Published, July 2022.

Digital Journal: Ketamine Academy Guides Healthcare Professionals in Starting Ketamine Therapy Practices. By GetNews Published, June 2022.

Inaugural Noble Knight Nurse Awards: Honoring 40 Exemplary UCF Nursing Alumni. Meet The 40 Noble Knight Nurse Recipients, May 2021.

UCF Today: Fighting an Invisible Enemy on the Frontlines. By Julie Harper, May 2020.

Awards & Nominations

Two Comma Club Awards: Two-time award winner in 2021.

Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal: Awarded in 2021.

University of Central Florida's Noble Knight Award: Awarded by the College of Nursing in 2020.


  • Trained 3,000+ Students that have opened 250+ Practices
  • 130+ Interviews with other Healthcare Entrepreneurs, Innovators  And Leaders
  • Over 276 Free Podcast Episodes Published
  • Helped Thousands of Healthcare Professionals on Their Entrepreneurial Journey
  • Former Navy Nurse Corps Reserve Officer Served on the Front Lines NYC with the Covid-19 Navy Medical Support Team
  • Advisory Board Member - University of Central Florida College of Nursing, where Jason helps provide strategic guidance to one of US News & World Reports top Ranked Nursing Programs.
  • Volunteer - Live stream coordinated for his local Church

The Beginning of a Healthcare Revolution

We are dedicated to helping healthcare professionals achieve their dream of working for themselves and gaining freedom over their schedules, finances, and personal life. But how did it all begin?

Throughout my experience as a bedside clinician as a critical care RN and then as a Nurse Anesthetist, I have seen firsthand how healthcare workers are directly impacted by the industry’s standard of valuing profit over patient care. An example of this is how corporate healthcare systems force healthcare workers to care for an ever-increasing volume of patients throughout the day. In turn, this limits the ability of healthcare workers to provide quality care and is directly contributing to the record level of healthcare worker exhaustion and resignations we are seeing today.

I thoroughly believe that the healthcare industry should be devoted to providing exceptional care to patients instead of sacrificing the level of care and burning out healthcare professionals with an unreasonable and unrealistic workload. This results in healthcare professionals finding their jobs unfulfilling, having them question their career choices, and ultimately finding new professions.

For this reason, I am a huge advocate for healthcare entrepreneurship because feelings of fulfillment, service to others, and control need not be relinquished. Healthcare professionals can achieve the freedom and autonomy they deserve while also being able to provide the level of care that patients deserve.

By helping thousands of healthcare professionals become entrepreneurs—from launching a private practice to owning and operating a variety of healthcare-related businesses—we have begun a revolution of breaking away from the profit-focused corporate healthcare systems. With healthcare entrepreneurship, we can finally turn the healthcare industry into what it should always be about: the compassionate care of patients.

Together, we can create a positive change in healthcare.

Jason Duprat

Further Your Healthcare Career

IV Therapy Academy was founded by Jason Duprat MBA, MSA, APRN, CRNA, and renowned IV expert, Katherine Raver MSN, BSN, CNP. Start your healthcare entrepreneurship journey with this online training program that will educate you on the ins and outs of owning and operating an IV therapy practice.

Ketamine Therapy Academy provides online training for healthcare professionals to become ketamine providers. The business accelerator program focuses on education for starting and growing a ketamine therapy practice from the ground up. Our clinical version provides the education needed to add ketamine therapy as a service line to an existing practice.

Aesthetics Success Academy offers students with the knowledge, skills, and support needed to open an aesthetics practice. Dr. Jodelle Yount DO and Jason Duprat MBA, MSA, APRN, CRNA joined forces to teach the business and clinical aspects of starting and running an aesthetics practice. From aesthetics training modules to business training modules, this program can help RNs, APRNs, Physicians, Physician Associates, and other licensed healthcare professionals offer       aesthetics services without getting lost in the process.

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