Pulse Check 8 – Happy Holidays!

In today’s Pulse Check, we're going to take a little detour in celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday (this was originally sent out the day after Thanksgiving).  I know with the pandemic and certain restrictions that this holiday season will be very different from previous years, but I hope you've been able to make the best of it.

Holidays, in general, aren't always a great time in the healthcare field.  It usually involved at least one hard conversation about which holidays you'll have to miss and some feelings of guilt for letting your family down again…

I know it's something I always hated back when I worked in the hospital.  Once I finally could leave the hospital to become a full-time healthcare entrepreneur, I promised myself I would never work another holiday.

And that's entirely possible to do.  This email was written ahead of time and scheduled to go out automatically without getting on my computer today.

My holiday promos have been scheduled and set to run ahead of time, so I'm able to enjoy a wonderful long weekend with my family.

I've been able to do this the last several big holiday seasons and all of the small ones.

I'm sorry if this sounds a bit like I'm bragging. That’s not my intention.  But I want you to know it's entirely possible to break free from that current reality you may not be happy with and have a life you design.

The truth is there's nothing special about me.  I don't have any extraordinary talents, and I'm not any smarter than you.  

The only difference between you and me right now is that I started.

And honestly, that's the hardest part.  There's a lot of uncertainty and fear right before we start anything new.  I'm sure you remember that heading into the first day of college classes or your first job after graduating.

You were able to overcome it then, and I know you can do it now.

If you'd like to make this the last holiday season that you have to tell your family you can’t join because you have to work…

Then I'd suggest checking out my Course Creator Academy that teaches you how to build your own course selling your expertise online. Or if you'd prefer to have a physical business I also have courses on starting your own IV Nutrition Therapy Clinic and Ketamine Infusion Clinic.