(Pulse Check #19) What it takes to start a business

I get asked all the time, “What does it take to start my own business?”  What's shocking is almost no one believes me when I tell them the answer…

They think my MBA is what prepared me for starting my own business.

Nope, I already had started several businesses long before my MBA was even a thought.  And after completing my AACSB accredited MBA, I can definitely say it won't help you start a business.

“So you must have had a lot of money saved up or received a really big loan or investment?”

Nope, I was actually pretty deep in student debt when I started my own business and used what little cash I had to get started.

“Well your parents or partner gave you a lot of money so you could focus totally on your business right?”

Definitely not, I worked full time while I started my first business and slowly shifted my hours towards my business as it became profitable.

So what did I have?  

It's going to sound a bit crazy but I promise this is all it takes…

The only thing I had was a burning desire to start my own business.

And now, after talking with thousands of people about starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur the only difference I see between those who start and those who don't…

And between those who succeed and those who don't…

Is this driving force to be an entrepreneur.

The time will never be just right.

You'll never have enough money.

Something else will always be happening.

There. Will. Always. Be. An. Excuse.

But all those statements are just fear making up stories to keep you comfortable with your current level of dis-ease.

You know that nagging feeling I'm talking about.  The one you get on your way to work every day where things just don't feel quite right. It’s that same feeling that your job is draining you rather than charging you up.

Maybe you've bounced around to dozens of different jobs, never feeling like it's the right fit.

Or you're constantly getting frustrated because you know there's more you can do but are handcuffed in your current role.

Listen to that voice and feeling and ignore the one telling you to stop.

All it takes is making the decision to start.

You can do this.

-Jason Duprat, MBA, MSA, CRNA