(Pulse Check #25) – It’s not enough anymore…

It’s not good enough to just be there anymore, you have to stand out.  Your business needs to do something that no other business does.

The internet has made it easy for people to research every possible iteration of your business out there.  Sure you might be closest to your prospect but if they notice another clinic offers a little extra or speaks to them a little better, you’ve just lost a patient.

Online business is the same way.  2-day shipping from Amazon is amazing but people will wait longer for a product if they feel like the company really gets them.

Today you have to be unique, you have to stand out in a way no one else does.

Let’s say you live in a bigger city with a decent affluent population.  You decide to be their go to provider and price your service so only those people can afford it.  But instead of a regular clinic where they have to make an appointment and come to you, you go to them.  They’re probably extremely busy and would appreciate not having to leave their office and interrupt their day.

But wait, you keep going because you charge a high price you can include all necessary tests to get a complete picture.  You go even further than that and work with their primary care provider to find other ways you can improve their health and make sure your patient is performing at their absolute best.  

Now you’re unique, you’ve eliminated the competition, and you become the go to person for the affluent members of your city.  

Or you could go in the opposite direction.  Maybe you want to help veterans in your area and notice they’re not getting the treatment they need.  You set up your clinic as a non-profit offering a sliding scale for pricing or offering it for free to all veterans.

You focus on the story and the mission you’re trying to accomplish and seek out donors who also care deeply about helping veterans.  Because you’re so focused on helping veterans they’re happy to keep donating money so you can keep offering infusions for free.

Maybe you come out with a sponorship program that connects veterans with people who want to help (please comply with HIPAA).  Now you’re helping these veterans form new friendships, maybe even job opportunities because those sponosoring them own companies or have influence in their organization.  Now you’re serving your patients beyond your clinic and making an even bigger impact.

Both of those examples are clinics worth talking about and going to.  They do something that’s out there, different, and over the top.

If you’re trying to cater to everyone and staying in the middle of the road you’re going to be forgettable.  People will go to the next place if they offer a better price or might be a little closer.

I challenge you to think of a way that you can be completely unique in your area and become the go to place for a very specific type of person.  

Look at your competitors see what they’re doing, I’m guessing they’re pretty bland and forgettable.  Try to find a way you can do better and really stand out.

If you’re having trouble thinking of anything then try thinking about your favorite business in town or the most popular bars and restaurants.  Why do people go there?  What makes them so good?

If you haven’t started your business yet then make sure you build this into your startup plan.  If you can be new and exciting from the start you’ll generate a lot of additional buzz and word will spread quickly.

Hope this helps.

-Jason Duprat, MBA, MSA, CRNA