(Pulse Check #46) Drink More Water

It's about focusing on the fundamentals every day, like drinking water, that will allow you to achieve your goals.

We've all been guilty of not drinking enough water at times despite knowing how good it is for us.  The crazy part, it's so easy to do.  Grab a glass, fill it up, drink it down.

We all know the benefits of staying hydrated: more energy, better focus, and generally feeling better.  Not to mention all the internal processes that need water to function properly.

Yet, most of us still struggle to do this simple thing.  We get used to living in a suboptimal state.  It becomes our new normal, so we don't even notice.

If you want to create a successful clinic, then you need to be drinking more water.

But it's not about the water.  Yes, it'll help to be well hydrated, but it's about committing to the fundamentals that drive a business forward.

Many entrepreneurs believe there's some secret they're missing, and if they only find it, they'll be successful.  This is like drinking a sugar-filled “vitamin beverage” and believing it's going to nourish your body.

It tastes good, but over time it's going to ruin your health.

The real secret to success in business and life is to do the boring and mundane fundamentals.

  • Creating and testing new social media posts or ads.
  • Talking to local practitioners in complementary practices.
  • Following up with your leads (and more than once).
  • Creating systems in your business, so everyone knows what to do.
  • Asking your patients what other problems you can help them solve.
  • Asking your patients if they know anyone else who would benefit from your services.
  • Hiring people who share your vision.

If you're not doing these things every day, you're going to struggle to grow.  Skip these core activities long enough, and you'll eventually fail.

Maybe you'll start consuming more information, believing there's some big secret you're missing.  But  This is like drinking a sugar-filled “vitamin beverage” expecting it to lead to better health.

They're empty calories that make you feel good in the moment but will eventually ruin your health.

The good news is that there aren't any secrets. The bad news is that success comes from doing the work and applying the fundamentals each day.

Look at how you're spending your time each day.

Are you focusing on the fundamentals?  If you already have a clinic, are you performing the tasks above?  If you haven't gotten started yet, are you spending time each day on activities that will move you closer to opening your clinic?

Things like…

Doing market research.

Calling local regulating bodies to learn the rules. 

Obtaining the right licenses.

Talking to an attorney about how to set up your clinic.

Creating your website.

Commit to doing the fundamentals every day for one month and see how that changes your clinic (or moves you closer to starting it).

The difference will be shocking.

– Jason Duprat, MBA, MSA, APRN, CRNA