(Pulse Check: #50) The Healthcare Boss Manifesto

Create the freedom to live the life you want by
becoming a healthcare entrepreneur.

The Healthcare Boss is a new breed of healthcare professional…

Nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals who realize our health system is broken AND is reaching a point of no return. It is now a system controlled by investors and administrators who seek to maximize profits and the expense of their workers and their patients.

Healthcare Bosses are passionate practitioners who deeply care for their patients and believe the patient always comes before profit.  

A healthcare boss knows that working for corporate medicine is no longer beneficial to them or their patients. They want to care for patients on their terms, and they want to regain their freedom and autonomy and know there has to be a better way.

They are healthcare professionals who choose to earn an independent living by:

1. Practicing in a way they're proud of.

2. Providing services focused on the health and wellness of patients (treatments worth paying for and love enough to tell others).

The Healthcare Boss sees what's broken in corporate medicine and finds solutions that matter to the patients they serve.

The Healthcare Boss believes in serving their patients first.

They believe in creating practices focused on wellness and helping their patients overcome diseases, pain, and suffering.  

They abhor the current model of disease management and assembly-line healthcare. They know the dirty healthcare secret — corporate medicine, big Pharma, and insurance companies put profits ahead of people. 

Healthcare Bosses create patient-focused businesses that:

1. Improves the lives of their patients.

2. Pays them (well) without having to sacrifice the rest of their lives.

This dynamic allows the healthcare boss to serve first but do it on their own time so they aren't overworked and burnt out. We DO NOT need to give up our entire lives in service to Corporate Medicine or our patients.  

Creating an independent living with your own business means complete control and freedom of how you want to practice, so you are excited about the work you do. Freedom to solve problems that are interesting and help your patients, so you feel good about the work you do.

That's the formula for happiness right there.

If you see yourself as someone who wants to change the healthcare industry (on a big or small scale) by serving your patients first – you're in the right place.


We help healthcare professionals create their own cash-based practices free from the red tape and greed of corporate medicine. Practices that allow the freedom to make a good living while still being home for dinner, holidays, and the other important moments that have been taken from us.

The formula is simple (but not always easy):

1. Find a pocket of people with a problem they need to solve that you're excited to help them with.

2. Offer those people a treatment (solution) to their problem they're excited to pay for.

3. Make Happy Patients. Serve them in a way that makes them excited to lead a better, healthier life. A life they're proud to live and tell everyone you were the one who helped them achieve that.

The Healthcare Boss makes their patients feel like they matter because they do.

Most healthcare professionals are stuck in old and outdated thought patterns…  

Believing that 10 minutes and a few questions will tell them the next pill to prescribe (usually to cover up symptoms of the last pill) and never stop to think that more pills might not be the best answer.

Big Pharma and Corporate Medicine have taken over our education and taught us that anything outside of their doctrine is heresy and voodoo magic, unfit even to have a conversation about. Their only goal is to maintain the status quo and continue to pad the pockets of those at the top.

No thanks.

That's not us.

The healthcare boss believes that the only way to truly serve our patients is to explore all options, look at everything, and have the hard conversations. To ask the questions, “Does this really work,” and “Is this what's best for my patient?”

They have the courage to change course if the answer is no.

This is why the Healthcare Boss believes in cash-based practices. It gives them the freedom to practice in a way that best serves their patients while allowing them the autonomy to pivot when new evidence is presented.

The Healthcare Boss isn't stuck in old dogma simply because “this is how we've always done it.” They're on the cutting edge, keeping up with new research while taking a critical look at the quality and truth of that research.

This allows them to serve patients and provide services they are happy to pay out of pocket for.

Our Mission: Serve our patients first in a way that truly matters to them. Help others live a life free of pain and suffering and do it in a way that creates our own independence and freedom.

If you have a desire to serve first, in a way that matters, then we think you'll love what we have in store for you.

We've been fortunate enough to have seen a lot of success already. First with our own practice and then teaching others how to break free from corporate medicine.

But that was only the beginning.  

Now it's time to start a revolution by creating more Healthcare Bosses who are ready and willing to serve their patients in a way that truly matters while creating their own freedom and independence.  

Will you join us? 


Jason Duprat, MBA, MSA, APRN, CRNA