The Importance of Having The Right Mindset as A Healthcare Provider

Hey Healthcare Boss, 

As the year draws to an end, many people are reviewing their goals and plans. 

While some are excited about the goals they were able to achieve, others are filled with disappointment. 

Whichever your case is, your mindset will determine if 2023 is going to be just another year or that year that will be filled with great accomplishments. 

Every event I’ve been to, and every video I’ve watched from successful people, they all keep emphasizing the same thing: MINDSET.

Do they all belong to some secret cult or something? 

It is not so. 

I even talked about it in this Podcast episode sometime in August. 

The importance of having the right mindset as a healthcare provider, or entrepreneur is understated. It is the key to either your success or failure. 

Many people fail before they even start. Their brain is in a state of ‘mental homeostasis.’ 

This could be what has been holding you back from starting your private practice, hitting your goals, and living the life you deserve. 

If you allow a negative thought pattern to control you, you are in for a terrible existence here on earth. 

Know that you are in total control of your thoughts. That you can get rid of all the negative thoughts that you have. 

Statements like; “I’m exhausted”, “I feel like crap”, ” I hate my job”, and other negative thoughts have prime effects. Do not dwell on them. 

You need to go on the offense by speaking words of positivity like: “I’ve got a great day”, “I’ve got an amazing future”, and “I will start and succeed in this business”, among others. 

You can only begin to live up to your full potential if you become a master of your mind. 

Our mind is just like a computer that has programming. You can have the fastest, most amazing gaming computer just like you can have the most capable productive mind. 

But if that software gets corrupted in your gaming computer, it’s going to slow down and keep crashing. 

Oftentimes we allow our mental software to be reprogrammed and we don’t even realize it is happening through negative thoughts. 

Are you with me?

Now it is normal to have days when things don’t work out as planned. Days when everything goes sideways. It is very normal. But you must realize that a bad day doesn’t translate to a bad life! 

As Healthcare practitioners, we are purveyors of HOPE. And we can’t do that properly if our mind isn’t well-programmed with positivity. 

I remember my days as a wrestler. I was very good but the only thing that kept drawing me back was my mental state. 

We had a wrestling match in high school when I was in junior year. I was going to fight with a three-time state champion. 


Before me was a scholarship offer to some of the best wrestling colleges in the country. Imagine my face on the front pages of newspapers and magazines. It was going to be a dream come true for me at the time.

I had everything it takes to defeat this guy. I just had to win this one match and everything would become a reality. 

We battled toe to toe till extra time. The first person to score a point would be declared the winner. Then just for a split second, negative thoughts started flooding my mind;

“I’m not that good”, “I don’t deserve to beat this guy who’s a three-time state champion”

After that three seconds of micro thought happened, he quickly shot, got his two points, and won the match. 

It was painful!

I had a better chance at winning if those thoughts didn’t come. I lost the match that could have skyrocketed my confidence and probably taken my life in another trajectory. 

That is what negativity does to you. 

It’s no wonder the Bible says we should guard our hearts with all diligence because from out of it flows the issues of life (Proverbs 4:23). 

I believe you can live up to your full potential if you become a master of your mind. You were created for something great. Wake up happy, stay motivated and cultivate the habit of gratefulness. 

This may be difficult because negativity could stem from our childhood, spouse, or other heart-wrecking experiences in this journey called ‘Life’. 

So what should you do? What I call the 3 “R”:

  1. Recognize negative thoughts when they come 
  2. Refute them & 
  3. Replace them with words of affirmation 

This has been the bedrock of my success in my Healthcare career. From when I was practicing in the corporate sector, to when I became a full-blown entrepreneur. 

Today, I’ve been featured in newspapers, received the click-funnels award for making over a million dollars in sales, and enjoyed true freedom. 

It didn’t come easy. But the first step is believing that you deserve everything good. 

The only thing that fixed my gaming computer when it had issues, was going back to factory reset. You need to do the same with your mind. 

You have to rise and draw that line in the sand. You must reset your mind by training yourself to recognize, refute, and replace. 

You are smart, you are a winner, and you can start and scale your business. But the most important question is; Do you believe it yet? 

Have you trained yourself to think about it every single day? Because that is what is going to take you to the next level. I hope this makes sense to you. 

I’m always out here rooting for you. 


Jason Duprat, MBA, MSA, APRN, CRNA