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✅ The 3 Proven Principles to Start and Grow a Profitable Ketamine Clinic
+ FREE 14 Day Preview To Ketamine Academy
+ FREE Ketamine Start-up Cost Calculator prefilled with the most common start-up expenses
+ 2 FREE Ebooks

✅ The Perfect Recipe for Starting a Successful IV Therapy Clinic

+ FREE 14 Day Preview To IV Therapy Academy
+ FREE IV Therapy Start-up Cost Calculator prefilled with the most common start-up expenses
+ 1 Free Ebook

✅The 3 Secrets to Launching a Flourishing Med Spa 

+ FREE 14 Day Preview To Med Spa Launch Academy
+ FREE Med Spa Start-up Cost Calculator prefilled with the most common start-up expense


Free Ebooks

✅ 37 page Ketamine Business Jump Start Ebook  

Understand the initial steps to getting your clinic started from selecting a location to gathering the right supplies to acquiring your first patients. Regulations, Licensing, Legal considerations, as well as, scope of practice limitations for APRNs, CRNAs, and RNs in each state with an independent practice map.

✅ The Perfect Recipe for Starting a Successful IV Therapy Clinic 
Why this type of Clinic is the easiest to open: This is the best type of clinic to quickly add an additional revenue stream without having to quit your current job or even have a physical location.

✅ Best States for APRNs To Open Their Own Clinic

This breaks down by license type which states are easiest for APRNs to open their own clinics.

✅The 3 Secrets to Launching a Flourishing Med Spa

Learn how to open a flourishing Med spa in as little as 90 day. We break down the simple step-by-step process to opening your Med Spa (even if you aren’t a physician)!


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Our Clinic Growth Mastermind has limited spots! As a reader of Clinic Launch Secrets, you will recieve an invitation to join us before the general public.

EARLY access to Join our clinic growth mastermind

I also host a mastermind exclusively for clinic owners who are aspiring to build multi-million-dollar practices. This mastermind aims to foster collective growth of all its participants.

 This is a program for those who desire to be the best of the best.

Access is limited to only one clinic per area. 

What others are saying

Paul Colligan, DNP, APRN, CRNA, PHN

CRNA turned clinic owner and Healthcare Boss

"Streamline your path to success"

“You absolutely do not have to remain in a corporate healthcare setting to be a successful healthcare professional. There are so many business opportunities out there. This book will address many common challenges faced when starting a clinic, and the content contained here will help you learn how to overcome them. Since you are reading this book, you're already on the right path. I'm excited for you and confident that this book will help streamline your path to success. I am sure you will enjoy it.” 

 Travis Chappel

Founder of Guestio, Host of Travis Makes Friends 

"He's decoded the exact process..."

“Making the decision to leave certainty for uncertainty is difficult for most, especially if you have worked as hard as you have to hold a career in the healthcare industry. If anyone knows exactly what that is like, it's Jason Duprat. He's decoded the exact process that healthcare workers can use to leverage their skill and experience in an entrepreneurial venture that allows them to achieve the level of fulfillment they desire along with financial and time freedom that they never thought would be possible. This book will teach you that process. I highly recommend it.”  

 Dr. Eric Ehle, DO

DO turned Clinic Founder

 "I only wish I had met Jason sooner..."

“I don’t give endorsements lightly, but I would highly recommend that anything Jason is saying, clinic owners should pay attention to. I only wish I had met Jason sooner. Who knows where I would be at? I fully believe what Jason has taught me will take my 7-figure clinic to an 8-figure clinic most likely in the next 5 years. Remember you can’t go backward in time, but you can fast-forward with mentorship. With Jason’s courses, he will not only educate you but also help with implementation. Information without implementation is not very helpful. I like the quote from Derek Sivers: ‘If more information was the answer, then we’d all be billionaires with perfect abs.’”

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Jason Duprat

About the Author

Jason Duprat is a serial entrepreneur, nurse anesthetist, podcast host, and former naval officer. 

After starting, running, and later selling his own clinic, he discovered his true calling: helping other healthcare professionals escape the corporate grind through clinic ownership.

Being a healthcare professional can be incredibly rewarding, but it can also come with long hours and burnout.

If you love helping patients, yet feel overwhelmed and unhappy, then clinic ownership could be the answer. After ending up as a patient at his own hospital, Jason decided something had to change—so he opened his own clinic!

As a result, he has reaped personal, financial, and professional rewards by doing what he loves. Ready to build your dream clinic?