#145: Todd Tresidder: Design Methodically to Achieve Financial Freedom

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Jason A. Duprat, Entrepreneur, Healthcare Practitioner and Host of the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy podcast speaks with Todd Tresidder, Owner of financialmentor.com. Todd shares his insight on investment strategies and adapting to the market. He also highlights the importance of risk management and how to determine your financial outcome.



  • The investment field is a tricky process. Go into it with your eyes wide open because you'll encounter conflicts of interest and natural biases. 
  • A hedge fund is focused on skill-based investing – quantitative disciplines vs market price movement. 
  • Todd shares his investment strategies and expands on the principles involved including diversification by source of return.
  • Todd reflects on his decision to sell his hedge fund business and how his lack of mentorship back then led him to his coaching business, financialmentor.com.
  • He launched finanaicalmentor.com in 1997 to help normal people achieve extraordinary financial results. 
  • Todd started out as a coach and then planned financial education models to share  products, courses and online calculators. 
  • When it comes to your business, you want to be ahead of the curve on something that matters, helps people and solves a problem.
  • Build your business as a side hustle while you have a reliable income from a full-time job. Work out the bugs first so you can prove your business model. 
  • Build relationships, trust and a brand. Then monetize to make sure it's valid. 
  • Entrepreneurship is about providing value, having fun and helping people.
  • There are two formulas for financial income and life growth: Mathematical expectancy and future value equations. 
  • Understanding risk management is the core of financial independence.
  • Todd discusses his view on the current economy and the economic “end game.”
  • To prepare for the coming “end game,” train yourself. Todd shares one of his tools, Expectancy Investing Done For You, which does all the asset allocation work for you.



  1. Investing isn't an easy thing to dive into. You have to learn about different strategies and principles, apply them to your business and learn to adapt to the market. Always be open to the idea of mentorship and be mindful of the decisions you make.
  2. Businesses are always changing with the times. Work on something worthwhile and give value to your consumers. Adapt to the market's needs and keep your financial outcome in mind.
  3. After building your business, keep it in the game for as long as possible. It's important to understand how to manage risk and have an outlook for your financial outcome if you want to keep growing.



 “Get your market right and position yourself in a growing market.” – Todd Tresidder


“Traffic times conversion equals profit.” – Todd Tresidder



Todd Tresidder on Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/toddtresidder

Financial Mentor – https://financialmentor.com/

Wealth Coach – https://financialmentor.com/financial-coaching

Financial Mentor E-books – https://financialmentor.com/educational-products/ebooks


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