#162: Tactical Tuesday: Are you an aspiring entrepreneur burdened with student loan debt?


Jason A. Duprat, Entrepreneur, Healthcare Practitioner and Host of the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy podcast talks about how – and if – you should start a business when you have student loan debt.



  • In the US, student debt totals 1.6 trillion dollars. The average student graduates with just under 38k in student loans. And 15% of the US population currently has student loan debt.
  • Over the last 30 years, tuition has tripled for public universities and doubled for private schools. 31% of students are using other forms of debt like a credit card or home equity loan to help offset high tuition. 
  • Jason shares five tips for those struggling with student loans yet still want to launch their  business.
  • First, choose your institution wisely. As a student, think about the return on your investment! Don't just pick the most expensive school. The odds of getting your money back, especially in the healthcare field, is relatively low. 
  • Second, make sure you're paying the least amount of interest as possible after you graduate. Consider loan consolidation. Also, there are governmental loan forgiveness programs. They often have a strict contract so make sure you can commit to avoid penalties.
  • Next, reduce the amount you owe. Jason joined the Navy Reserves and reduced his loans by 30k. This has its pros and cons, which you should consider when looking for new opportunities to repay your debt.
  • Fourth, spend wisely and live lean. Self-discipline and self-control is a must to avoid ballooning student loans. Live well below your means and don't make expensive purchases like a new car or home. 
  • Fifth, figure out a way to earn more. Work overtime and apply extra payments directly to your principal vs interest. Pick up a PRN job, which offers great flexibility and pays 25-50% higher than normal salaries. 
  • After following these five tips, you can then think about launching your business. Cash flow problems are the major cause of business failures. Start lean and if possible start with a partner who can share expenses with you. 
  • Humble yourself. Start small and also consider online options, which have little to no startup costs, such as courses and books. 
  • Once launched, and if possible, consider reinvesting your earnings vs paying off your student debt. This might allow you to move to a second business more quickly with a higher growth model. 



  1. There's a huge student loan problem in the US which affects almost 15% of the population. Rising tuition fees force students to take on huge debt and binds them to repayment for most of their careers.
  2. Jason's tips for aspiring entrepreneurs dealing with student loans are to invest in your education wisely, reduce interest in your payments, live lean, spend wisely, and figure out how to earn more.
  3. After everything, start your business wisely. Start smart and look for ways to reinvest your money to earn more. There are many business opportunities today that require less money to start. 



“Choose your degree wisely, choose your school wisely, and choose it based on your return on investment.” – Jason Duprat


“The key is to get started…start up lean, reinvest your earnings and keep pushing forward.” 

– Jason Duprat



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