#177: Torben Nielsen: Be Curious; Be Persistent


Jason A. Duprat, Entrepreneur, Healthcare Practitioner and Host of the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy podcast talks with Torben Nielsen, CEO of ZOOM+Care. Torben shares his key takeaways spanning his 20+ year business career and highlights opportunities within tech-based healthcare. He also provides an overview of ZOOM+Care and the company's capabilities. 



  • Torben's postgraduate study on internet marketing strategies led him to a career with LEGO. He eventually transferred from Denmark to the US to work for Inovise Medical Inc., which digitizes EKG machines for the early detection of heart attacks. 
  • Torben also worked at XEROX, heading up a division to develop new segments for network color printers. 
  • Across his career, Torben has learned to challenge the current status and to challenge current business models. 
  • When developing products, observe how consumers are responding to your particular product. Iteration is key. 
  • Curiosity is also important, as well as perseverance. Test ideas early and often. 
  • Following XEROX, Torben worked at Cambia Health Solutions to improve the experiences of health insurance members utilizing an integrated provider directory.  
  • Currently, Torben is the CEO of ZOOM+Care, an on-demand healthcare platform that allows patients to schedule same-day appointments and have access to their medical data. 
  • ZOOM+Care offers telehealth and in-person visits with 60 clinics across four states. The company is focused on creating a seamless and frictionless experience for patients.  
  • There's a ton of opportunities within healthcare for entrepreneurs to provide technology solutions. 
  • Torben's advice is to enjoy what you're doing. Work hard and be persistent.  


  1. Be curious about what other industries are doing and then apply best practices from those industries to what you're trying to do.
  2. Test your prototypes and products early and often with customers for feedback. They'll help inform what your product should look like and how to utilize it.
  3. Despite the challenges of COVID, technology has made it possible for people to access healthcare virtually.



“Be curious, open-minded and observant.” – Torben Nielsen

“Startups are a lot of hard work, but it comes with a lot of great joy as well when things work out. Hang in there, be persistent and enjoy the ride.” – Torben Nielsen



ZOOM+Care: https://www.zoomcare.com

Torben Nielsen on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/torbenstubkjaernielsen

Torben Nielsen on Twitter: https://twitter.com/torbensnielsen


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