#185: Merrily Orsini: Focus on Profitability & Perseverance

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Jason A. Duprat, Entrepreneur, Healthcare Practitioner and Host of the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy podcast talks with Merrily Orsini, entrepreneur, President and CEO of corecubed and podcast creator and host of Help Choose Home. Merrily shares the lessons she's learned from starting, growing and selling a company, as well as digital marketing. 



  • After being in social work for almost a decade, Merrily started her first business, a remote home management service that evolved into eldercare solutions.
  • The home care business can take a physical and emotional toll on you because it's 24/7/365 and you are with people at the end of their lives.
  • Merrily founded corecubed in 1998 to support other home care businesses. Now, corecubed specializes in digital marketing and education.
  • The purpose of advertising and marketing is to meet a need and educate people about their options and choices.
  • She spent about four years focusing on the profitability of her business and ultimately created a model of care that continues to be used today. The model is focused on needs vs prescriptive formulas. 
  • Merrily was an early pioneer of remote work environments both with Eldercare Solutions and corecubed. 
  • The three lessons Merrily learned about growing and selling a business include hiring people smarter than you, focusing on recurring monthly income and continuing to learn how you can do things better. 
  • She stresses the importance of knowing why you started your business and investing in the structure and maintenance of your online presence.
  • If your business is failing, figure out why and tweak systemically. 



  1. Constantly be on the lookout for what needs to be done better. Focus on how to make your business the best and the most profitable.
  2. Know when to bring in professional support (especially for marketing), be good to your people and give credit where it's deserved.
  3. Regardless of how good you are or how well you run your business, there will be difficult challenges beyond your control. If you feel strongly about your ideas, perseverance will get you through to the next level.


“If someone needed something done, we did it as long as it was legal.” – Merrily Orsini


“You're in this (entrepreneurship) for the long haul.” – Merrily Orsini



corecubed website: https://corecubed.com/


Help Choose Home Podcast: https://helpchoosehome.com/


Merrily Orsini's website: https://merrilyorsini.com/


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