#187: Cathy Cather: Disrupting Standard Treatment Protocols


Jason A. Duprat, Entrepreneur, Healthcare Practitioner and host of the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy podcast talks with Cathy Cather, CEO and co-founder of Parallel Testing. Cathy discusses her journey as a consultant and entrepreneur. She shares what led her to launch Parallel Profile™ and the ways she continues to expand her business.   



  • Cathy used to work in the IT industry and moved often due to her promotions. When she was sent to San Diego, she decided it was time for a change and transitioned to healthcare.
  • Cathy comes from a family of entrepreneurs including her father and grandfather. 
  • She started her own consulting company to help companies with their messaging and sales strategies for product development and design.  
  • Personal experiences involving her husband, mother, and a friend who all suffered from adverse drug reactions motivated Cathy to launch Parallel Profile™. 
  • Cathy wants to disrupt standard treatment protocols utilizing genetic information to advance patient care. 
  • Parallel Testing completes the genetic testing and provides reports. Parallel Profile™ makes the reports understandable and accessible through an app. Between the two, patients can determine which medications match their DNA and will work safely. 
  • 128,000 people die each year from adverse drug reactions. 2.7 million have an adverse reaction and are admitted to the hospital. 
  • 90% of drug prescriptions don't work for 30-50% of people. 
  • The average person over the age of 65 is on a dozen medications because of prescribing cascades. This occurs when a drug causes adverse symptoms which are misinterpreted as a new condition which then leads to a new medication being prescribed. 
  • Cathy's team developed a platform for doctors so they can take a continued education course on pharmacogenetics.
  • Practitioners don't need to be experts on all 50,000 drugs—just the 8 or 10 they prescribe.



  1. Pharmacogenetics could prevent 128,000 people in the US from dying due to adverse drug reactions. Through technology, Cathy and her team educate practitioners and make pharmacogenetics more accessible. 
  2. The effectiveness of medicines is genetics-dependent. If you develop new symptoms within 6 months of using a drug, research and learn about the uncommon side effects. 
  3. Networking and outsourcing have their advantages, but specs and oversight management are keys to running a tech-based startup.



“When you get gems, incorporate them.” – Cathy Cather



Parallel Profile™ Website: https://parallelprofile.com/


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