#190: Tactical Tuesday: Boosting Predictability to Sell More Online Courses


Jason A. Duprat, Entrepreneur, Healthcare Practitioner and host of the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy podcast talks about how entrepreneurs can utilize online courses to scale their business. Based on the three courses he's built, Jason offers tips on generating leads and boosting conversions.



  • Predictability allows you to calculate and measure lead generation and conversions. Conversions equal sales so you want to (mostly) automate the system.  
  • If you don't have a predictable revenue stream, you don't have a reliable business. 
  • Before you launch your course, develop a training webinar and present the course offer at the end. Your webinar will convert a certain percentage of viewers into customers. 
  • Create online ads to promote and drive traffic to your webinar. 
  • Blanket messaging is convenient but it will lead to email list fatigue. Segment your audiences and align your message to their needs.  
  • Set a deadline and create a scarcity mindset to help prospects make a decision.
  • If you offer a lead magnet like a PDF, build a follow-up email sequence to share the offer with prospects. 
  • Build a community around your course (like a Facebook group), so students can be a part of a cohort and share camaraderie as they go through the course together. 
  • Make your business an asset by establishing systems. 



  1. When you have reliable streams of income for your business, it's an asset and something someone else might be willing to buy should you ever want to sell your business. 
  2. Not everyone who encounters your business is in the same phase of the buying process so segment your customer list and then create custom offers or relevant content for each segment.
  3. It's difficult to create multiple courses and market them individually so consider doing open-closed enrollments. Focus on doing a few topics and make the courses exceptionally good at delivering results in those areas.



“Quality over quantity.” – Jason Duprat

“Help walk them to the path of success.” – Jason Duprat


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