#199: Harry Nelson: Understanding Risk & Compliance Issues for Your Practice

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Jason A. Duprat, Entrepreneur, Healthcare Practitioner, and Host of the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy podcast talks with Harry Nelson, founding partner of Nelson Hardiman, LLP and author of the bestselling book, “The United States of Opioids.” As a leading healthcare regulatory lawyer in America, Harry talks about his professional journey and shares advice for entrepreneurial practitioners interested in opening their own practice. 



  • Harry was born in Brazil, grew up in Michigan, started his career in Chicago, and now resides in LA with his family.
  • He stumbled into healthcare because he was fascinated by the regulatory state. Emerging technology and therapeutics led him to ketamine. 
  • Out of necessity, he started working with a solo practitioner who represented doctors in trouble, but he ended up identifying a compliance gap in the healthcare industry for small providers.
  • Harry offers advice on how to find a good healthcare lawyer for professionals who want to open their own practice. 
  • He introduces the PC-MSO structure and explains how it works.
  • Put value into the clinical practice brand you're creating. Adhere to the appropriate health and management models. Understand the risk issues and operationalize good legal advice. 
  • There's a body of research supporting ketamine even though there's no federal approval. Save articles and literature to back up your claims. 
  • Informed consent means risks, benefits and outcomes. Have a form, have a conversation and chart it. 
  • Laws state you cannot be paid for a referral so tread carefully when it comes to lead generation. 
  • Harry provides insight regarding the supervisory aspect for scope of practice and how to mitigate risks.
  • If you find yourself in trouble, find a lawyer who knows about medical boards. 
  • Harry's goal is to create communities to educate and protect people. 



  1. Harry learned early on in his career the healthcare space is highly regulated so he decided to add value by helping early-stage venturers and smaller providers navigate compliance issues.
  2. Before you set up a practice, have a conversation with an attorney to find creative solutions while making sure you're meeting legal requirements.
  3. Back up scientific claims with research. Get informed consent from patients and document protocols.



“You need to work with somebody who knows what's going to get you in trouble and what's not.” – Harry Nelson


“Your mitigating actions can make a huge difference.” – Harry Nelson



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