#205: Chen Yen: Leveraging Education to Grow & Scale Holistic Care Practices

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Jason A. Duprat, Entrepreneur, Healthcare Practitioner, and Host of the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy podcast talks with Chen Yen, founder, and CEO of Fill My Holistic Practice. Chen reflects on her professional journey from pharmacist to recruiter to business owner. She also offers tips for health practitioners—especially introverts—who want to increase their streams of income through public speaking. 


  • Chen started her career as a pharmacist serving Native American communities. However, she struggled because she felt jaded and misaligned. 
  • She shifted her focus and launched a recruiting business for pharmacists, helping match experienced pharmacists with the right jobs. 
  • Chen started her recruiting business with little business knowledge. She hired mentors to guide her along the way. Her advice? As you walk down your entrepreneurial path, invest in mentors. 
  • She grew her recruiting business to seven figures and then shifted her focus once again.  
  • Chen had always been interested in holistic medicine so her next business launch, which she runs today, is helping holistic practitioners grow and scale successful practices. 
  • She teaches practice owners how to market their business in a way that's true to their identity – particularly for those who are introverts like herself.  
  • One of the greatest challenges Chen faced was – how will people find out about her business? Instead of running ads, she began talking to individuals and groups and providing education about her service offer. 
  • Chen believes public speaking is one of the fastest ways to grow a business.  
  • Audiences don't have to be large, they can be small. She once spoke to an audience of ten and got 7 clients. 
  • Chen also talks about performance anxiety or the fear of public speaking and how she was able to overcome her fears because of her desire to educate.
  • In addition to public speaking, you can also grow your business through online courses. 
  • Jason and Chen discuss the advantage of hosting webinars and online courses as a revenue stream.
  • You can host your webinar but you have to do the legwork. An easier way is to have other webinar hosts feature you as a guest educator and speaker.
  • Find a working business model that resonates with you – one that aligns with your personality and lifestyle.
  • Once you've created a sellable product or a system that works and it's converting, automate it so you're free to do other things.


  1. Public speaking is one of the fastest ways to reach more people and educate them about your service and business.
  2. For people with a fear of public speaking, redirect anxious energies by focusing on what you want to communicate or share. Chen also recommends doing lion's breath—a calming yoga technique.
  3. Focus on one or two things and do them well before exploring other avenues.


“If you know something's going to work, and it has a tried and true method, do it.” – Chen Yen

“Together, we get better faster.” – Chen Yen


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