#212: Tactical Tuesday: Surround Yourself with Like-Minded People to Get in the Right Mindset


Jason A. Duprat, Entrepreneur, Healthcare Practitioner, and Host of the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy podcast talks about the importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded people. He shares highlights from the conferences and seminars he recently attended noting a key benefit is socializing, interacting, and learning from other people to shift your mindset.   



  • Jason recently led a workshop for a live audience at the Northwest Anesthesia Seminar in Las Vegas. He taught attendees about ketamine therapy and how they can start their own ketamine practice.
  • Funnel Hacking Live is a popular conference for online marketers and business owners who use ClickFunnels' software.
  • At this conference, HEA received two ‘Two Comma Club' awards for generating $1 million in sales each for two online courses. Only the top 1% of businesses receive this award. 
  • If people could become rich by simply following a 10-step plan, more people would be starting businesses.  
  • The top performers in any industry, business or niche, are the people who put in the hard work to get extraordinary results.
  • Socialize, interact, and learn from other people to get your mindset in check.  
  • Jason made the greatest investment in his education to date – $25,000 to train with Russell Brunson. 
  • To increase your odds of success, find the right people with the right plan and then model it to meet your needs. 
  • Find people who will lift you up. 
  • Jason will be participating in a virtual presentation and roundtable for the National Nurses in Business Association Conference. 
  • The HEA raffle was a great success! There were six winners and Jason gave away more than $7000 in prizes. Thank you to everyone who participated and to all of the HEA podcast listeners! Stay tuned – more raffles are coming in the near future! 



  1. Teaching live is one way to hone your presentation and speaking skills.
  2. When you attend seminars and conferences, not only do you get to listen to amazing speakers, you also get networking experience and validation.
  3. Sometimes you need to go out, join a mastermind group, and socialize with like-minded professionals to get in the right mindset.


“As long as you're constantly getting feedback and working towards improving, you will improve.” – Jason Duprat


“If you're not surrounding yourself with other people who are at your level – or ideally a step or two higher – you should start doing this now.” – Jason Duprat


“Find those people who are willing to lift you up.” – Jason Duprat


Northwest Anesthesia Seminars: https://www.nwas.com/


Funnel Hacking Live: https://funnelhackinglive.com/


National Nurses in Business Association Conference – https://nursesbusiness.com/nnba-2021-conference-agenda-2/


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