#Bonus: Tactical Tuesday: Jumpstarting Entrepreneurial Paths & Elevating the Student Experience


Jason A. Duprat, Entrepreneur, Healthcare Practitioner, and Host of the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy podcast shares a behind-the-scenes look to announce several new HEA updates. Learn about Jason's latest challenge, course upgrades, and how he's building a #HealthcareBoss tribe on social media. 


  • Jason and his team are launching a brand new 5-day challenge to help healthcare professionals learn the benefits of starting a cash-based practice. 
  • During the challenge, he'll discuss niche services that can be offered, how to do a competitive analysis, and the rules and regulations around scope of practice.
  • The course launches on December 13 – see the Resources section for the signup link.  
  • Jason is ready to up his production game on YouTube! He's invested in new cameras, lights, and lenses to provide a more engaging experience for viewers. 
  • To add value to HEA's online courses, Jason is implementing a new software tool to make videos searchable. Students will be able to input keywords and get a playlist of previous Q&As related to specific topics.
  • Another course enhancement includes the addition of marketing lessons. He's hired a digital marketer who will help walk students through the process of marketing their practices.
  • Jason and his team are also working on HEA's first-ever in-person mastermind! He plans to test a small group on the back-end of the 5-day cash practice challenge. 
  • This mastermind will include about 15 people and it will be hosted at his house for one to two days. 
  • The goal is to launch an annual mastermind after this one, with hopes of doing a destination mastermind in the future.
  • If you follow Jason on his social media channels, you already know he launched a new texting community for his podcast listeners. See the Resource section for more information and how to sign up. 
  • He plans to start doing ‘AMA'  episodes – Ask Me Anything – where he picks some of the most interesting questions and answers them on the podcast. 
  • In 2022, Jason would like to partner with an aesthetics clinician and create a course to teach healthcare professionals how they can open a practice. 
  • Lastly, Jason is building the HEA brand by using #HealthcareBoss on his social media channels. The hashtag represents the HEA community and healthcare professionals who are ready to change the trajectory of their personal and professional lives. 


  1. On December 13, Jason is launching a 5-day challenge to help healthcare professionals learn the benefits of starting a cash-based practice. Participants will learn how this model avoids the billing challenges often associated with insurance.  
  2. Jason recently launched a texting community where podcast listeners can message him personally, request podcast guests, and ask questions about entrepreneurship.
  3. Join the #HealthcareBoss tribe to learn how to build cash flow assets and create work/life balance. 


{In the challenge}, “we'll discuss why the cash practice model is a successful model that can increase your professional and personal satisfaction, as well as financially.” – Jason Duprat

“As part of the texting community, I'll be giving away HEA swag, courses, and doing AMA (Ask Me Anything) episodes so text me questions and I'll save the most interesting ones and turn them into podcast episodes.”  – Jason Duprat

“I'm super pumped about what 2022 will be bringing. We're growing and delivering more of the stuff you guys are asking for.” – Jason Duprat


Jason's 5-day cash practice challenge: https://jasonduprat.com/challenge

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