#228: Tactical Tuesday: Set the Bar Hight to Build your Team with A Players


Jason A. Duprat, Entrepreneur, Healthcare Practitioner, and Host of the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy podcast talks about the best ways to build your team while growing your business. He discusses key qualities to look for when interviewing potential candidates. He also shares key insights based on his own experience as he continues to go through the hiring process and expand his team. 


  • The challenge with hiring A Players, especially as a small business, is that typically you can't afford A players' salaries.
  • It can be tempting to hire B Players and even C Players when your business doesn't have a lot of extra revenue to go around and/or when you've waited too long to hire and it feels overwhelming. 
  • When you wait until you're completely overwhelmed, you tend to take shortcuts. You tend to take the person that seems to fit the role the quickest.
  • To attract A Players, sell your business, position, and growth. Sell income earning potential. 
  • Income earning potential can include equity in the company, profit splits, or revenue sharing. You can also offer flexible work schedules and training support. 
  • Set the bar high. Anticipate growth so you can hire A Players. Be aware of your profits and losses. 
  • Hire an intrapreneur vs an entrepreneur. Intrapreneurs are intuitive and they innovate ideas and grow teams yet have a low-risk tolerance.  
  • The reason you don't want to hire an entrepreneur is that they've probably already started businesses before. And those efforts failed so they lost their mojo. If they get their mojo back, they'll likely leave you to start their own business again. 


  1. A Players have the skills and the talent to grow your business exponentially faster and better. 
  2. When you're looking for A Players, the number one thing you can do is sell the position and sell the idea of future growth.
  3. A Players know the skills they bring to the table. They understand that if given the right environment, they can exponentially grow revenue and the role as well. 


“Do not always look for the best deal in terms of hourly rates or salary. Instead, you should aim to find A Players.” – Jason Duprat

“A Players are people that excel at what they do and they're able to take your business's growth to a completely new level.” – Jason Duprat

“When it comes to hiring, don't jump the gun. Don't make split-second decisions because you're feeling overwhelmed and you're swamped in your business.” – Jason Duprat


Jason's YouTube page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBBMpR5QZP97lPy8LubH5_A


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