#238: Tactical Tuesday: Unbottleneck your Business & Grow as an Entrepreneur


Jason A. Duprat, Entrepreneur, Healthcare Practitioner, and Host of the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy podcast, talks about how entrepreneurs bottleneck their business and how to undo it through introspection and growth. Jason has been running his business for quite some time now, and his interactions with other business owners made him realize the problem lies in the entrepreneur. He discusses four ways in which a business can get bottlenecked. 



  • Businesses get bottlenecked because of the entrepreneurs or owners themselves.
  • There are four ways to bottleneck a business: skills deficit, character/trait deficit, mindset/belief deficit, and desire deficit.
  • Skill can be taught, learned, and acquired. Examples of skills include conducting a marketing or promotional campaign, managing teams, and leading employees. 
  • If you find yourself saying things like “It's so hard to find good help” or “No one can do it as well as me” or “My team's performance fluctuates,” be self-aware. This lies within you and your skills as the leader. 
  • Always assess the root cause of the problem. Do the reps to improve, pause to get feedback, make improvements, and continue to put in the reps.
  • Enjoy the process as you continue to hone your skills. 
  • Your mindset deficit includes negative, false, and self-doubting thoughts that ruminate in your head. Examples include “It's too risky or too hard to become an entrepreneur” or “Managing a team is too stressful” or “I might fail and I don't have what it takes.”
  • Recognize this and work to overcome this negative mindset because it's bad for business. 
  • Your character includes the mental and moral qualities that make you distinctive as an individual. Your character traits are features of your character. 
  • Character and trait deficits are difficult to mold and change. They require work, therapy, and religion to improve. 
  • A desire deficit means you don't want to grow as a company or as an entrepreneur. If you don't have a desire, you can't work on the other deficit areas of skills, character, and mindset. 
  • Don't be a drifter. Drifters are reactionary and don't make good entrepreneurs.


  1. Assess the root cause of the problem. Determine the framework for the root cause and flip it. If you're struggling with hiring good employees, ask yourself: What can I do to get better at recruiting, managing, and motivating?
  2. When you have a negative mindset, recognize this and outwork your self-doubt. 
  3. When you hire new employees, look for someone who demonstrates high character over high skills because skills can be learned. 


  • “When your business has issues, don't point the finger. Look inward.” – Jason Duprat
  • “There are four ways businesses get bottlenecked. There's a skills deficit, character deficit, mindset deficit, or desire deficit.” – Jason Duprat



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