#245: Jeremiah Robison: The Duality of Being an Entrepreneur & A Parent Seeking Solutions


Jason A. Duprat, Entrepreneur, Healthcare Practitioner, and Host of the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy podcast, discuss clothing for movement with Jeremiah Robison, CEO of Cionic, an innovative company building lightweight and durable bionic clothing driven by powerful algorithms that adapt in real-time to each individual's mobility needs. Jeremiah tells how his mission to provide a wearable solution to augment function and improve outcomes for individuals impacted with neurological movement disorders, especially his daughter with cerebral palsy, has led him to establish the company. 


  • Jeremiah was born to an entrepreneur mother running a spine therapy clinic and a computer scientist father. He got his computer science degree from Standford University.
  • He started his career working for Apple in the 90s and other small companies.
  • Cionic was founded with a commitment to Jeremiah's daughter diagnosed with cerebral palsy.
  • The journey for Cionic is different from other startups and eventually led to the creation of the Neural Sleeve.
  • The Neural Sleeve uses functional electrical stimulation as its augmentation strategy. It works by sending small amounts of current precisely timed into the body to force muscle contractions.
  • One in seven people suffers from mobility impairment and disability. 60% suffer a lifetime disability in post-stroke individuals, while about half are mobility disabilities.
  • Jeremiah envisions his technology going beyond its target market and can branch into the sports world.
  • Personal connections made it easy for Jeremiah to build his team and overcome challenges, including the pandemic.
  • Challenge the status quo thoughts and ideas because they don't always apply in every situation.
  • UCSF, Cleveland Clinic, and other healthcare organizations are some sources to get funding for medical technologies.



  1. The best companies are built with a very personal story behind them.
  2. With machine learning and innovation, a product can make a difference.
  3. A product's impact is the best selling point.


“There is enough of the commoditization of machine learning and components that would be required to build something that could not only measure the human body but could actually influence movement.” – Jeremiah Robison

“That's a big asset if you have other people who are starting a business. It doesn't matter whether it's in your sector or somewhere else. And sometimes, it's even better to be outside of your sector because they have lessons that just apply to business as a whole.” – Jeremiah Robison



Jeremiah's website: https://cionic.com/


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