#253: Why It’s Important To Document Every Huge Move You Make In Business And Turn Them Into Lessons

Being an entrepreneur is all about adapting. There are no rules, and the right decision for you might not be right for someone else. Every business is different. You need to adapt each lesson to your own situation. In this episode, Jason A. Duprat, Entrepreneur, Healthcare Practitioner, and Host of the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy podcast, talks about how best practices for others might not necessarily work the same for you. Here, you'll hear his personal story on how blindly following by-the-book strategies can backfire greatly. As entrepreneurs, knowledge can only progress when paired with a critical mind.


  • Jason acquired a book called “The Who: The A Method for Hiring” in hopes of solving his hiring problems. Unfortunately, the contents weren't 100% what he hoped for.
  • When ingesting information, you have to be critical and analyze what does and doesn't apply to you.
  • The book mentions a 4-Step Process geared more toward hiring employees, while the nature of Jason's business is more of working with contractors.
  • What piqued Jason's interest the most was the “Reference Interview” portion, which he found counter-productive.
  • Applicants will always mention references that are heavily biased in their favor.
  • Jason recently hired a contractor who talked a big game but couldn't deliver what he promised, wasting plenty of resources in return.
  • References wouldn't badmouth their acquaintances at the risk of burning bridges. In certain states, companies can even get sued for badmouthing past employees.
  • Hire multiple people for small projects and choose the best person to keep working with moving forward.


  1. What works for others might not necessarily work for you.
  2. Reference-Checking is a waste of time as references will always be biased in the applicant's favor.
  3. Hire people on a short-term basis and gauge their performance from there.


“Take note of past mistakes, so when the time comes, history won't repeat itself.”  – Jason Duprat

“The beauty of being an entrepreneur is you're always learning. Take note of what doesn't work until you find something that does.” – Jason Duprat


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