#254: The Future of Ketamine-Assisted Therapy and What It Means for Clinic Owners and Their Patients with Christi Myers

Ketamine-assisted therapy is an emerging field that’s gaining traction. Today, the medical community is increasingly accepting Ketamine-assisted therapy as a treatment option for those struggling with mental illness and substance abuse. What does this mean for clinic owners, and their patients? In this episode, Jason A. Duprat sits down with Christi Myers, Professor of Emergency Medicine, Assistant Director of Emergency Medical Services for a community college, as well as the Founder, CEO, and Director of Flow Integrative. Flow is a two-pronged approach to psychedelic wellness practiced in her very own Ketamine Clinic. In this episode, Jason and Christi shed light on a variety of topics including the stigmatized term “psychedelic” as well as the realities of mental health.


  • Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy provides people with a different perspective and helps them work on their mental health journey.
  • We all have childhood trauma and understanding that trauma in a psychedelic realm allows assisted therapy to take place.
  • The negative stigma around drugs and psychedelics is mainly due to a lack of understanding.
  • Psychedelic treatment is safe and legal. It has been around for decades and is even included in the WHO's list of essential medicines.
  • An article from 2017 states that Ketamine is naturally produced by an organism they found.
  • Ketamine must be done professionally to avoid unnecessary risks. There's a desperation to heal, but taking drugs unsupervised is not the answer.
  • Wellness is not a one-time thing but is a journey that needs guidance.
  • Psychedelic treatment is not only for moving through depressive states but also for exploring one's consciousness and spiritual being.


  1. Despite the massive stigma, psychedelic treatment is completely safe and legal when medically supervised.
  2. Along with the growth of Ketamine-assisted practices, the negative stigma on psychedelics is slowly being dispelled.
  3. Psychedelics not only dive into one's mental aspect but also the spiritual.


“None of us came out of our childhood unscathed. We all have trauma to some extent, and being aware of that trauma is the first step to allowing therapy to take place.” – Christi Myers

“When taking drugs, it's important to be intentional, to know why you're doing it, and most importantly, to have a medical professional guide you through the journey.” – Christi Myers


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Christi Myers M.S., EMT-P, CEO, Director, and Founder holds a Bachelor of Science degree in public safety and a Master of Science degree in leadership. She is the founder & CEO of Flow Integrative which was formed from a place of passion for the human potential & benefits of psychedelic wellness.



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