#262: The 3 Content Production Tips That Can Help Boost Your Engagement Rate & Brand Awareness

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Identity, Quantity, and Quality.

Jason A. Duprat, Entrepreneur, Healthcare Practitioner, and Host of the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy podcast, expounds on these three valuable aspects of content creation. If you're a budding or long-time content creator who wants to maximize engagement and know how to leverage your content for your business, tune into this episode.

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– People listen more to those who with results and who can demonstrate their expertise.

– Frame your content to present you as an authority in your field.

– It's all about volume. Put out more relevant content consistently across different platforms.

– Most content creators get discouraged early on and discontinue, but stick with your content long enough, and you’ll eventually gain traction.

– Put out valuable content. Keep on giving without expecting anything in return.

– As course creators, keep 5% of your most valuable content exclusive, but still have some available for free.

– If they see value from your free content, they'll be more likely to consider your paid content.

– Make sure your content is serving who you're trying to attract.


  1. Identity: Start with who you are and why people should listen to you.
  2. Quantity: Scale up your production.
  3. Quality: Put out valuable content.


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“People listen to those who deliver results. Frame your content in a way that presents you as an authority in your field” — Jason A. Duprat

“Most content creators get discouraged early on by lack of numbers. However, I stick with your content long enough, and you’ll eventually gain traction.” — Jason A. Duprat


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