#302: The 3 Levels of Delegation: What Good Leaders Do That Separate Them From Bad Leaders with Richard Winters

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Leaders breed leaders, not followers.

Jason A. Duprat, Entrepreneur, Healthcare Practitioner, and Host of the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy podcast, sits down with Richard Winters, Practicing Emergency Physician, Professional Certified Coach, and Author of the Wall Street Journal Best Seller: “You're the Leader. Now what?” In this episode, Jason and Richard dive deep into what it really means to be a Leader, Manager, Mentor, Teacher, Supervisor, and Coach, and why it's important to have each hat in your toolkit. Tune into this episode for timeless wisdom every leader should hear about.


  1. Leaders inspire others to become leaders.
  2. Leaders create synergy among everyone's differences.
  3. Leaders shed light on people's fears and help overcome them.


  • Richard recently published a wall street bestseller entitled “You're the Leader. Now What?”
  • To be a better leader, be open to, understand, and discover different perspectives, and try to bring them together.
  • A big part of becoming a better leader is those moments where you like you didn't do a good job and you're trying to learn how to be better. Continue to learn from mistakes and continue to learn from them.
  • For Richard, leaders are individuals who help develop other leaders. They help others get the best out of a team and individuals.
  • Management is more focused on what needs to be accomplished.
  • Both Leadership and Management skills are crucial for any Manager/Leader.
  • Richard wrote an article entitled “Four things that good leaders do when facing obstacles that bad leaders don't” talking about leaders shedding light on people's fears and worries.
  • A coach helps make someone makes sense of their world.
  • Many leaders are micromanagers, but that doesn't tend to work out well. Both sides will feel frustrated.
  • There are three levels of delegation.
    • Assigning someone a simple task
    • Assigning someone a project, having them come up with a plan, and discuss that plan with you before moving forward
    • Assigning someone a project and letting them have full responsibility
  • It's helpful to learn about each other and go through these delegation levels to gain insight into what works, what doesn't, and how we approach things.
  • Richard believes in assuming the best and working from that perspective, rather than having someone earn that trust. If you're not giving your trust initially, you're giving them distrust.
  • Personality tests help us give names to things, to think about the way we are, how we think, how we make decisions, how we work with others, and how we differ from others. It may not be as black and white as what's found in the test results, but it helps us have a language to understand our different approaches and how we can approach things together.
  • To connect with Richard, go to www.richardwinters.com, or connect with Richard C. Winters on LinkedIn.


“Leadership is figuring out how to connect with interests of the individuals you're working with.” – Richard Winters

“As a mentor, I help you see through my eyes. As a coach, I help you see through your own eyes.” – Richard Winters


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Dr. Richard Winters is a practicing emergency physician at Mayo Clinic and author of the Wall Street Journal Best Seller “You're the Leader. Now What? Leadership Lessons from Mayo Clinic” (Mayo Clinic Press, Sept. 6, 2022). As director of Leadership Development for the Mayo Clinic Care Network, Dr. Winters facilitates retreats and delivers programs that train leaders at healthcare organizations worldwide.




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